This is Systembolaget

Systembolaget exists for one reason: To minimize alcohol-related problems by selling alcohol in a responsible way, without profit motive.

The first alcohol monopoly ever started in the mid 1800s in Sweden. It worked so well that the model was spread all over the country. In 1955, the local companies were merged to form a single, national Systembolaget company, a concept which still works.

Systembolaget has a nationwide retail network of approximately 430 stores and approximately 500 agents serving smaller communities. The agents do not carry items in stock, but the entire product range can be ordered through them.

Our staff are experts in food and drink and provide high standards of services for their customers. The work in the stores is brand-neutral. This means promotion of individual products or producers is avoided, which allows the advice to be provided entirely on the customer’s terms.

Systembolaget's product range is actually one of the most comprehensive in the world. It is being developed continuously to match changes in trends and in the consumers' tastes.

Responsibilty reports

Responsibility Report 2015 (digital format to benefit the environment)

Responsibility Report 2014 (digital format to benefit the environment)

Launch Plan 2017-2

Launch Plan 2017 (pdf)

Launch Plan 2017-1 (excel)

Launchplan 2016-2 (excel)

Launch plan 2015-2 (excel)