Kvinna plockar vindruvor.

Good working conditions in the supply chain

The products on Systembolaget's shelves come from every corner of the world, and we have numerous suppliers whose supply chains mean that we have links worldwide. Basically, what this means is that there are many people working to produce and deliver the drinks we sell, and we want them all to have good working conditions.

Why is this important to us?

Systembolaget's operations shall support and respect international declarations of human rights. We also have a responsibility to ensure that human rights, including the rights of the child, are respected within the supply chain, so it is vital that we work systematically to influence and monitor developments in this area. We make demands on our suppliers through a special Code of Conduct. Compliance with this Code is mandatory throughout the supply chain.

Systembolaget's operations are global and our supply chain is complex. The majority of our 650 active drink suppliers use subcontractors and they, in turn, often have subcontractors of their own. All of which means that there are many people working to produce and deliver the beverages we stock on our shelves.

Our efforts to ensure good working conditions throughout the supply chain are not only an important element of our own responsibility, they are a way of making the most of our opportunity to make a real difference.